De Via Bella
Pizza & Sports Bar
Karaoke Every Friday Night, LIVE BAND ON SATURDAY, FULL BAR.

(951) 358-0621

3812 Pierce St. ,
Riverside, CA 92503

De Via Bella Pizza & Sports Bar - Riverside, CA - Testimonials

Sabrina F.
I absolutely love places like these!!! We found them on a whim on yelp and decided on a classic pepperoni and of course the jalapeño bread because everyone loves it! I’m not one for spice at ALL, like I won’t pick up hot Cheetos, but after taking off the peppers the flavor with the garlic butter was AMAZING! She even told us we could order it half and half next time so I wouldn’t have to pick em off :) And their pizza is the quintessential homemade slice, with grease from the pepperoni (and our extra cheese) and fluffy crisp crust!

We saw ads for their karaoke night and trivia night and thought they sounded so cool! We’ll definitely be going back here whenever we’re craving a great pizza for a great price! And all of their sandwiches and specialty pizzas sounded great, can’t wait to try em all :)

Jodi M.
I took some friends to De Via Bella’s Pizza & Sports Bar last night for some karaoke. It was the first visit for all but one of us, and we had a great time! The karaoke was fun, the KJ is great, and although I didn’t order any food (since I had dinner before I went) my friends said the food was excellent! Next time we go I will make sure to have my dinner there.

There was a pretty good crowd, and really, my only critique is that service wasn’t really adequate. The server was super nice, but she probably had to serve everyone there, and just didn’t get around to our table a 2nd time to see if we wanted refills. Those who really did had to go to the bar. I ended up having only 1 beer, which was fine with me, but if the server had come by and asked, I would have ordered a 2nd. So on busy nights I think they need at least one more server. Fun place though. I’m glad we went.

Cody E.
OMFG Talk about FREAKING GOOD PIZZA!!!!!!! This place has the makings of a fantastic hometown pizza place. The owner was attentive to details that truly make the pizza a work of art! The crust is just thick enough without being overwhelming of bread; toasted to perfection and topped with copious amounts of delectable mozzarella and toppings to match to make an incredible pizza.

True home-made pizza is few and far between and this is the quintessential hidden gem, and I forgot to mention the star of the show! The Chicken wings are 100% homemade (sans chickens running around in the back that is) and have a great kick that’s smoky and tangy all at the same time. YOU MUST try the Jalapeño cheese “bread”; it’s more of a medium pizza slathered with butter, mozzarella and mild jalapenos cut into bite-size squares served with amazing marinara sauce; it’s a great starter to prep you for a truly amazing pie!

Granted it’s new, it has no curb appeal really, and the inside is dimly lit but sometimes a dark alley is one of the best places to get a good bit to eat!

Tatianna D.
I have been going to this place on and off for the past couple of years and am always impressed by their food, the pizza and cheese bread are amazing, while I will agree with some that it is a bit greasy but it doesn’t really bother me, and the owne

Kevin L.
I’ve just recently discovered this great family owned and operated place right down the street. They got great pizzas and a whole bunch of other great Italian dishes. I tried the lasagna last time I was here and they did not disappoint. The place is still off the radar for most people and It’s never too crowded. You should definitely give it a try before it’s discovered by the masses.

Dezeray P.
Great wings and pizza. Family owned and operated great experience. The specials are a really good deal and I hear the karaoke is good. Great prices too!

Rose G.
first time here. and we loved it super tasty we ordered a large pepperoni and mushroom pizza and it was order of wings and those were really really good!!!!! overall this place is good for groups and family dinners very clean and family owned. come try. it you will not regret it

Andy A.
Great pizzeria/sports bar. Cheap drink prices and delicious food. Pizza is very good. You can taste the freshness. The spicy buffalo wings are delicious. House made and very good.

Ralph M.
I am hooked! Best dam pizza I have had! Service is top notch too! Very family orientated spot, my spot for pizza from now on.

Adrian R.
decent place, decent food, and the family owned vibe is really awesome. the woman who operates the restaurant is super nice! she even hooked me up with happy hour prices on my beer even though we were about 45 mins late.

Mother Of Three L.
Friendly service and amazing pizza and spaghetti. Good family environment. Highly recommend.

Grze G.
As bad as it gets in this part of town. Place looks like it has been opened for 20 years, when you walk in during the day it may not be that bad, but in the evening it’s dark and creepy as hell. Food is bad, mediocre at best. I will definitely not return.

When I’m leaving this review this place has 4.5 star rating. Really?! Then go for yourself and check it out…You WILL be disappointed. Came here only because of those reviews….Funny thing is that Pizza Hut on La Sierra has 2 or 2.5 star rating and is much cleaner, food is not that bad. The moral is – never trust Yelp reviews in cities like Riverside, unless place has at least 25-30 reviews.

Ala R.
A new place at the block with the hideous, dated and second hand decor. I could not believe that they just opened, because the place needs a renovation. The hours on the yelp listing are not correct – they close at 10pm during the week and Sunday, not 11pm.
Immediately after walking in I noticed – no working AC, owner’s kids sleeping on the table and super greasy menu that was handled to me.
I ordered a simple pie to go – sauce, cheese and mushrooms on the thin crust. The taste was ok. However the pizza was so oily that I had to use a paper towel to drain in before eating.
There are so many successful pizza places in the area and in my opinion this is not one of them.

Mary V.
Good pie! Just wish others would discover this place so it doesn’t fail like the others that have gone before them in this same space.
The decor could use a facelift.
My rating is for the pie only!

Felicity K.
Friday night apparently is karaoke night at 8. Friendly kids competition hosted by the family owners. We left before it started.
Tried the side salad which was huge, covered in Mozzarella and yummy Italian dressing. Buffalo wings special recipe of the owners was spicy and good. Pizza had great tasting sauce and toppings. Yummy semi crisp crust.
Clean baño and friendly hosts made for a good and satisfying meal.

Sharein G.
GREAT PIZZA!!! Super crispy crust great wings and the sandwiches are the best. My family go here all the time. The staff are great very friendly and sweet. They have great prices on beer and food, a lot of TV’s to watch the games and Karakoe on Fridays. Go here and try their great food you will not be disappointed. Try the wings and the ceaser salad with homemade croutons so good!

Stephen K.
The hot wings are amazingly hot and the pizza is perfect! Very friendly and great atmosphere!

Amber E.
Pizza and wings are freaking amazing, pizza just the right way and wings so hott my boyfriend was in a pool of sweat:)

Robert H.
Great service and great food. The owner JJ is awesome. I highly recommend the Philly cheesesteak!!!

Jip Z.
There’s a few other reviews about this place under the name “Via Bella’s Pizza and Bakery” on Yelp, which is what it was found under in Google when it first opened. I highly recommend this pizza place. Its really good and the family owners are quite gracious. The prices are also great… but as another reviewer stated, its pretty quiet inside. Give it a shot and help them out by telling your friends if you like it.

Norma L.
Food and the service was great. We had a salad, pizza and hot wings. My son fell in love with the hot wings. We will be back.

Ron B.
I would say I am a pizza connoisseur and this pizza was pretty good. Perfect amount of cheese, thin and crispy. Definitely would go again and recommend to all my friends.

Joe F.
We came in for the first time tonight and were very happy! The pizza was excellent as was the service. The pizza dough and sauce are home made and the quality shines through. We will definitely be back!

Bill C.
Me and the family were craving some authentic yummy pizza. Thanks to my fellow Yelp friends I read the reviews and decided I must give this a try and boy was I glad that I did. This place is all about the food in the sweet family that owns and operates it . The pizza, jalapeno cheese bread ,and hot wings are a must try! The passion and dedication to make a quality product is obvious from the first bite . This is definitely going to be the spot where I can take the wife and kids for a good ol fashion pizza joint dinner! Come on down on you locals and give it a try, you won’t regret it and can also help support very nice family.. :)

J C.
Fantastic pizza, family-friendly staff is always welcoming and grateful for business. About a mile from my house and much, much better than spending my money at corporate pizza joints. Great value! Bud light pitchers, $7.50. The jalapeño cheese bread is to die for!